In Life Coaching no two journeys are the same. I don’t try to fit you into a formula or a mould. Generally, however, the path will follow the G-R-O-W principles that have proven effective in this field.

Weekly meetings are recommended at the onset. However, my primary objective is to be an appropriate partner for you in the achievement of your goals. Thus sessions are scheduled to meet your needs. From the initial session, the current situation is assessed. From here, the goal of the programme is established and you, the client, will be coached and supported towards achieving it. What is equally important is that enroute to the goal, new, valuable insights and awareness into the clients’ thoughts, actions and habits will be gained that will give him more choices in other areas of his life.

What is Life Coaching?

What is Hypnosis?

Myths and Reality

Can I be Hypnotised?

Is Hypnosis safe?

What can Hypnosis help me with?

How long does each session typically last?

How soon can I expect change from hypnosis?

== Golf Hypnosis == Anger Management == Assertiveness == Be Optimistic == Be Decisive == Controlling Emotions == Impulsiveness == Inferiority Complex == Feel Upbeat == Forgiveness == Forgive Yourself == Guilt == Let Go Of The Past == Overcome Envy == Overcome Insecurity == Overcome Perfectionism == Overcome Shyness == Personal Power == Porn Addiction == Positive Thinking == Put Yourself First == Patience == Peer Pressure == Self Confidence == Self Esteem ==Self Acceptance == Self Consciousness == Sports Hypnosis == Stage Fright == Stop Being Defensive == Stop Negative Thoughts == Self Hate == Self Sabotage == Stop Worrying == Stress Management == Victim Mentality == What Others Think == You’re Not Stupid ==

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