When performing you need a kind of energetic yet relaxed state of being. When you perform really well it’s because the audience, the surroundings, even your self ‘disappears’ and it feels like there is only the music.

Often, however, when you’re trying to sing or play a musical instrument, performance anxiety (or stage fright) can destroy all that hard work in a flash. Knowing that you can deliver the goods but being unable to is a frustrating and depressing experience. Not to mention frightening. Musical performance anxiety breaks the state of focused relaxed flow, or being ‘in the zone’, that you need to really perform at your best.

This session brings you into the flow state and teaches you to put yourself into that state at any time. The more easily and reliably you enter this state of hypnotic flow when performing the better your performances become and, of course, the more enjoyable they are.

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