Develop characteristics and traits of champions such as mental toughness, having a winning attitude, making that crucial shot. Learn to be in the zone and the correct state of mind that will optimize your performance. Be a winner!

As a former member of the Singapore National Junior golf team, and a Physical Education teacher with experience coaching in a variety of sports, all sessions will be tailored to your specific sports accordingly ensuring an effective and lasting effect on performance.

So, whether it is golf, tennis, snooker, bowling, rock climbing or anything else, for improved performance call 97597683 NOW!

== Golf Hypnosis == Anger Management == Assertiveness == Be Optimistic == Be Decisive == Controlling Emotions == Impulsiveness == Inferiority Complex == Feel Upbeat == Forgiveness == Forgive Yourself == Guilt == Let Go Of The Past == Overcome Envy == Overcome Insecurity == Overcome Perfectionism == Overcome Shyness == Personal Power == Porn Addiction == Positive Thinking == Put Yourself First == Patience == Peer Pressure == Self Confidence == Self Esteem ==Self Acceptance == Self Consciousness == Sports Hypnosis == Stage Fright == Stop Being Defensive == Stop Negative Thoughts == Self Hate == Self Sabotage == Stop Worrying == Stress Management == Victim Mentality == What Others Think == You’re Not Stupid ==

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