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Myths And Reality

Myth: I will lose control while in hypnosis.
Since you are always aware and conscious during hypnosis you maintain complete control and will only follow suggestions that are acceptable to you.

Myth: When I am hypnotized I can be made to do things against my will
First of all, no one can even be hypnotized against their will. Y ou must be 100% cooperative in order for hypnosis to work. Secondly, no one in hypnosis can be made to do anything they would not freely do when in a normal waking state.

Myth: A hypnotist has magical powers.
A hypnotist is an ordinary person who has specialized training and has mastered the skill of utilizing suggestion to bring about desired results.

Myth: Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized.
The contrary is actually true. The more intelligent a person is, the easier it is to be hypnotized. Only a small percentage of the population cannot be hypnotized, and most of these are because of mental deficiencies. Anyone of normal intelligence who is willing to follow instructions can be hypnotized and succeed with hypnosis.

Myth: A hypnotized person is in a trance or is unconscious.
While in hypnosis, you are quite awake and aware, extremely so. You have merely focused your attention to where the hypnotist directs it, and are usually unaware, or less aware of anything else.

Myth: A person can get stuck in hypnosis
: No one has ever been “stuck” in hypnosis. If you were not given the instruction to emerge from hypnosis you would naturally emerge yourself quite easily. And if you were very relaxed you may even drift off to sleep and naturally awake on your own.

Myth: Deep hypnosis is necessary for good results.
Any level of hypnosis from light to very deep can bring about good results.

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