As a former member of the Singapore Junior National Golf team, you can trust that I know the game and can tailor sessions specific to your needs. You get the services of someone who understands the game, the challenges faced and the different needs at different times. You have invested in a good set of clubs, paid money for professional lessons. Now is the time to invest in the most important part of all : YOUR MIND. Call 97597683 NOW!

The Perfect Swing : How many times have you done a practise swing and just know that if it had been used for a real shot, you would have hit the ball right on target? However when you subsequently actually played the shot, the ball totally went somewhere else?

There is an important difference between your state of mind during a practise swing and during a game swing. In your practise swing, you are fully engaged  in the process of making the swing and not a bit worried about the outcome. If your mind becomes distracted by thinking of the outcome, it interferes with the process of making a smooth, controlled, effortless but powerful swing. You need to be totally absorbed with the process of the swing itself.

This golf hypnosis session will instil confidence, focus and composure so that you are totally focused and in the zone throughout your swing

Get Into the Zone Every golfer has the experience of hitting the perfect shot…the one that not only goes to exactly where you want it, but also feels smooth, unhurried, powerful yet effortless. The challenge for most golfers is to repeat this experience for every shot. You will learn and internalize the three ways to get your mind and body ready for the shot at hand. Because only when your mind and body is in sync will you hit the best shot possible.

Circle of Confidence: You have seen them….the pro who sets up for his shot and he is absolutely ready. He pays no heed to the crowd…his opponents…or even the sound of the train passing by. This module will put you in a bubble where you will feel utmost calm and confidence, two mental keys to executing the perfect shot.

Hitting Over Hazards : You know that you can hit the approach shot with a middle iron onto the green easily. It is well within reach. However when there is a water hazard to hit across before the green, doubts enter your mind, nervousness appears and your muscles tense up. The result is a poor shot, or worse, a shot into the hazard.

With hypnosis, the tricks that the mind plays with you are eliminated. Thus you remain calm and confident; your muscles are relaxed. All this will mean that you create a smooth, rhythmic swing, hitting the ball right on the sweet spot and hitting the green right where you want to.

Putt Intuitively : Everyone knows that negative thinking can spoil your game, but ot many people are aware that positive thinking can be just as damaging! This happens when you are actually thinking while in the process of a putt. Studies have shown that at times of peak performance, there is little or no thought activity in the brain.

To really play well you need to become totally at one with exactly what you are doing in the exact moment that you are doing it. Thus becoming one with your putt is going to become a regular and natural part of the way that you play every time. It allows your mind to intuitively absorb all the necessary information such as break and speed and translate it into action without distraction and put it all together into a nice smooth putting stroke.

Anger Into Power : Anger is a natural human emotion, and as such there is no escape from it. However it is a double edged sword. It can be damaging if you let it adversely affect you and all your subsequent shots in your round. On the other hand, harness it properly, and it can empower you and propel you forward to a good score.

If you are the type of golfer that often gets angry in the course of your game and you know that it ruins your game, choose this session to calm yourself down and put yourself in the appropriate state of mind to play the next stroke

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