The every day blues happens to just about every one once in a while. Suddenly it hits you, seemingly from no where and you feel a bit down. With the everyday blues you feel ok most of the time but sometimes you find yourself down.

Maybe it’s because you get tired or don’t always eat right or exercise or maybe it’s because sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and just beat yourself up for ‘no reason’. Maybe you catch yourself just feeling low and having negative thoughts telling yourself you’re no good or have failed in some way or that ‘nothing ever works out or will work out!’

Feeling blue is often a result of too much worry. Worry is actually energy consuming and when you have worried too much you can actually wear yourself down from it which is the ‘down’ feeling of the blues

When the blues strike it’s good to have a strategy rather than just putting up with it. Beat the everyday blues will help you get the every day blues less often and also serve as a tool to get you out quickly and change your mood again to one of being more up beat and optimistic. Call 97597683 NOW

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