Here is an excerpt from Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho:

A Warrior of the Light respects the main teaching of the I Ching: “To persevere is favorable.” He knows that perseverance is not the same thing as insistence. There are times when battles go on longer than necessary, draining him of strength and enthusiasm.

At such moments, the Warrior thinks: “A prolonged war finally destroys the victors too.”

Then he withdraws his forces from the battlefield and allows himself a respite. He perseveres in his desire, but knows he must wait for the best moment to attack.

A Warrior always returns to the fray. He never does so out of stubbornness, but because he has noticed a change in the weather.

Ask yourself two questions:

1) Are you in the middle of a prolonged war that is draining you?

2) What can you do to take a break and regroup?

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