(Note – I originally wanted to title this post as : “Everything I learnt about loving a woman I learnt from a kitten” But it was too long!)1

I got this little kittern in July 08. Eventually he will grow into a cat, a with it a whole new set of lessons to be learnt! Meanwhile I realise that a kitten can teach me so much about life.

  1. You cannot ( I repeat : CANNOT) change a kitten. So basically I have two choices, throw him out into the streets, or accept him for who he is. Call me dumb but I didn’t choose the first one.
  2. You gotta give up some space for him. I have made room for him on my favourite recliner where I usually work on my laptop. So now when he jumps up onto it, I sit to one side. Not really comfortable, as I have to twist my body rather awkwardly to type on the laptop. OK for a short while, but quite uncomfortable after a while. And just when I have gotten used to the position I am in, he shifts about and I have to readjust myself. Sigh…..patience I tell myself.
  3. You gotta make time to play with him (when he wants to play that is, not when you want to) So when he comes up to you with THAT look, (after a while you know what each look means) everything MUST stop and you start playing. If you’re lucky he will want to play with a ball or some toy. However on other mostly unlucky days, he wants to play and hone his carnivorous instincts at the same time. That means he wants to play and bite on your finger, hands, arms or legs. So just surrneder to it and give in. Whats fun for him may not always be fun for you…..and is usually painful. i got the scars to prove it too.
  4. He needs his own space and freedom. So I got to let him out into the garden without always looking out for him. Quite scary, cos he may just wander out the front gate, and don’t know what will happen to him then. But I gotta learn to trust that he knows what he is doing, and is sensible enough in his kitten ways not to go too far, and is smart enough to find the way home. Which is always the case. So trust I tell myself
  5. Daily routine tasks must be done. Not all daily tasks are fun. Like cleaning the poop. or changing the litter bin. But without it, he won’t use the sandbox. Which is unhealthy. Or he will find alternative places, like my bed, the floor etc just to make a point!! So just do it, with a smile. Reminds me of karate kid : “Wax on, wax off”
  6. Patience is key. What more can i say? it is so easy and tempting to slap him when he jumps you at the most inappropriate moment. So I learn to not react in a way that would harm him (although I know I will be forgiven by the next meal time!!) and act with restraint. Count to ten and let anger dissipate!

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