Expecting some self-help type lecture on getting and staying healthy? Forget it! This isn’t about preachy lectures … it’s about facts. And the facts are that healthy people typically are vibrant, have more energy and drive, display greater focus, experience less stress, and lose fewer days due to illness. The overriding fact: Health is a competitive advantage. It’s yet another key to job (and personal) success.

Look around. Who are the most successful people you know? How would you describe their physical conditions? Chances are they’re healthy people … they take care of themselves. And that’s not a coincidence. Will you be able to find exceptions to that if you look hard enough? Of course. But for the most part, health and success go hand-in-hand. There IS a connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

So, if you’re really serious about success, work on staying fit. While there’s a ton of things you can (and probably should) do to improve your physical condition, the following three are great places to put your focus:

Rest: Make sure you get enough sleep. There’s no way you can be at your best if you start your workday already tired.

Exercise: Engage in some type of physical activity (working out, walking, playing a sport, etc.) several times a week.

Diet: Eat well-balanced meals. Minimize the “garbage foods” (you know what they are) and limit your portions.

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