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Be More Patient

As the old adage has it, a watched pot never boils and it’s true that time really seems to slow down when we want things to happen more quickly. We live in a world where everything has become instant-instant messaging, email, text, etc, and it seems that we should never have to wait.

The drive behind impatience may be good and necessary sometimes. It’s great to be proactive, to get things done and to move things along but only when it is possible and desirable to speed things along.

However it is not always possible, and at times not desirable. For example, impatience can also raise your blood pressure which increases your chances of heart disease and stroke Also, some things in life aren’t meant to be hurried but rather, to be enjoyed.

This session will get you feeling less pressured and more relaxed helping you manage your emotional and physical health better. Call 97597683 NOW

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