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Posted by admin on January 1, 2008

azman3Welcome to Totally Mind Hypnotherapy and Counselling Services. Do browse around this website, find out more about our services, and then give me a call at 97597683 .

My mission is to have you living your life at its utmost potential. The combination of Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching ensures that there are no psychological blocks to the success you want, as well as ensuring that you remain on the path to achieving your dreams.

Clients who have come to me to reduce stress, stop smoking, manage their angerĀ or feelings of insecurity report significant improvement after only four sessions. Hypnosis for golf and sports hypnosis is another area where clients benefit from my services, since as a single handicap golfer myself, and also having previously been a Physical Education teacher coaching a variety of sports in an elite school, I understand your requirements and can tailor the sessions to suit your needs.

I am conveniently located at the Orchard Road area. You can visit or call me for an initial consultation. Do call 97597683 for your initial consultation, with no obligations.

To learn more about my services, please visit the links above. Or call 97597683 NOW for a free one – on – one consultation

== Golf Hypnosis == Anger Management == Assertiveness == Be Optimistic == Be Decisive == Controlling Emotions == Impulsiveness == Inferiority Complex == Feel Upbeat == Forgiveness == Forgive Yourself == Guilt == Let Go Of The Past == Overcome Envy == Overcome Insecurity == Overcome Perfectionism == Overcome Shyness == Personal Power == Porn Addiction == Positive Thinking == Put Yourself First == Patience == Peer Pressure == Self Confidence == Self Esteem ==Self Acceptance == Self Consciousness == Sports Hypnosis == Stage Fright == Stop Being Defensive == Stop Negative Thoughts == Self Hate == Self Sabotage == Stop Worrying == Stress Management == Victim Mentality == What Others Think == You’re Not Stupid ==

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